Matt’s Docker Orchestration 1.0

  My ECS (EC2 Container Service) alternative is complete. 🙂 I ended up creating the server portion of the AWS tutorial using a very simple sort of manual Docker orchestration. Long story short, run your Docker containers with “–restart always”. This tells the Docker daemon to automatically restart the containers in the event of a […]

Docker Orchestration Lite Edition

As I create the documentation for Rutilus, the next area I’m focusing on is the tutorial. This is the area that is supposed to be extremely simple, that can get a newbie up and running very quickly. Of course it isn’t useful unless it’s hosted in the cloud. So the tutorial will be on how […]

Practicing What I Preach

Documentation is progressing well. By now, I’ve moved on to documenting using the AWS bundle, which is a prepared collection of configuration meant for people to use Docker to set up all of their server side modules and to have that all run on one AWS instance. This mirrors the way we implemented our creation […]

Documenting the Modules

My work on creating the documentation is continuing well. I needed to spend some time at first learning how to use react-router, a library that allows you to get URL routes in your Single Page Application (SPA). We need the documentation to behave as users expect it to. They shouldn’t know we’re making it a […]

Time for Documentation

After completing our interview with Seneca today where they wanted to learn about our project, we uncovered a few bugs in our Analytics module. Seneca wanted a few screenshots of our queries as a demonstration so we had to fix this before we could provide them. We wanted to show them a particular detailed hit […]

Rails is a Lake, Node.js is a Waterfall

Today I was working on patching our modules to accept configuration from a user importing the library (instead of just hard coded like it was before). If you read my previous blog post, you’ll know that I’ve abandoned a complicated addition of features and refactor in favor of simply getting what we have implemented right […]

Open Sourcing – Refactoring and Over-Engineering

The work I’ve been doing over the last week or so has centered around a refactor of our modules. We had an ambitious goal of upgrading the functionality of the Observer module so that it would accept a JSON config file that would allow them to expand the functionality. My previous blog posts detailed this. […]