Time Zones Are Fun

Today had a stressful start. I was planning on continuing to update our documentation to reflect our latest features, when our industry partner noticed that our data we collected had some huge discrepancies with the data from their Google Analytics (GA). After hours of troubleshooting, we determined it was not only a problem with GA […]

Features Done, Wrapping Up Documentation

Over the last week, we completed a few more query types for our Dashboard tool. We were able to complete almost all the last minute requests for new queries we got from our industry partner. Unfortunately, one custom query would have been too complex for the time remaining. We’re down to one week left, and […]

Studying for the Exam

I may not be in class this semester, but it sure does feel like I’m studying for an exam. That’s what doing the documentation feels like. It reminds me of reviewing the little details you learn over the semester to make sure you understand them and how they relate to the other details. I thought […]

Documenting the Hooks

Now that the AWS tutorial is complete, people following it can get a Rutilus app hosted. They will see hits logged in the database if they add the prepared Observer code (that they get from the GitHub repo) to their web pages. But that’s all they see. They see that a hit occurred on a […]